Dr. Mary A. Brown, D.D.S.
"My main goal is to impress on my patients the importance of the          
regular office visit to keep gums healthy and teeth problem free. You
may have read that oral health affects general health. My many years
of practice has led me to believe that this is true.

Regular visits to our office in addition to good home care can help to
ensure good health."

Many patients are insurance driven choosing  providers and treatment on the basis
of what their plan allows. Although insurance can be very helpful in covering the
cost it should be kept in mind insurance is not always your friend. Always weigh the
cost of a monthly premium and co pays for what you are actually getting. We accept
many insurances but are not a part of any networks. We believe that regular care
not dictated by insurance actually keeps costs down. We are interested in  your
overall health and what is in your best interest not the insurance company's.
About Us
    Kristin Farrell - Dental Hygienist

    Education: Degree in Dental Hygiene from
    Marquette University

    Dental Experience: 23 years

    Dental Expertise: Public Health Dental
    Hygienist for 17 years

    Time Working with Dr. Brown: Since Dec.
    2007.  In addition, Dr. Brown and I worked
    in a dental office together when we first

    "Dr. Brown is great to work for!  I enjoy
    working with the nice office staff and the
    patients are wonderful. A pleasant

    In Her Spare Time Kristin Enjoys: Tennis,
    swimming, exercising, traveling with her
    husband and son.
Our Staff
4639 W. Forest Home Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53219
(414) 546-2804
    Beverly Johnson - Dental Hygienist

    Education: Associate Degree in Dental
    Hygiene from MATC 1997

    Time Working with Dr. Brown: "I worked as
    Dr. Brown's assistant while attending MATC
    (1995-1997). I returned in 2005 as a
    hygienist.  I am happy to be back!"

    "Dr. Brown is a wonderful boss. The
    atmosphere is very relaxing. I like helping
    patients learn the best ways to manage
    their oral health and enjoy seeing them
    improve.  The staff and patients are very
    friendly. I'm very happy to be part of this

    In Her Spare Time Beverly Enjoys: Spending
    time with her husband and two  children
    (Hannah and Ben), photography, traveling,
    Former dental assistant
    Kelly Raz (and daughter)
    is now Dr Kelly Pierson
    practicing in Costa Mesa,
    California where the
    weather is always bright
    and sunny, which always
    gives you a reason to
Office Manager
    Daniel Vickers is my
    personal assistant. He
    graduated at the top of his
    class in April of 2013, from
    Everest College. He is a
    great and wonderful
    young man. Dan has a
    wonderful sense of humor
    and keeps us all laughing
    and smiling. All my patients
    are very happy with Dan
    being a part of my staff.
    Cindy Pinnow-Dental

    Education: Degree in
    Dental Hygiene from
    Marquette University

    Dental experience 29 years

    Dr. Mary Brown is
    wonderful to work for with
    a great office staff and
    awesome patients. It's fun
    being apart of the team.

    Hobbies: Bicycling,
    exercising, dancing and
    making jewelry. Also, love
    spending time with my
 Former dental assistant Julia Kiuever(center) pictured with
Dr Brown is now a forth year dental student at Marquette
University Dental School, soon to graduate in May.  Dr Brown
is Julia's mentor and also mentor to Jessica who also will be
graduating in May,class of 2014.  Congratulations to the
soon to be dentists!
Our new office manager is now Dan Vickers  who
formally was strictly chair side.  He is very
knowledgeable in the dental business having the
chairside experience and enjoys the challenge of
managing the practice.  He especially enjoys working
with insurances and handling any questions that may
arise.  Our focus is to have a good relationship with
all parties involved and welcome you to the practice.
We want you to have a relaxed and enjoyable
experience from the beginning to the end of the visit
and it starts when you call.  Please ask any questions
that we may help you with especially when you are
choosing a practice for the first time.